The scope of services include:
-        overseas worldwide sea routing via international and scheduled container ships;
-        land haulage and distribution;
-        arrange storage and control of dry and  ISO tank containers;
-        arrange custom export and/or import clearance brokerage services;
-        the provision  of steam heating services of ISO tank liquid products;
-        the cleaning,  repairs and refurbishing of ISO tanks via our subsidiary cleaning depot Company which comprises of facilities such as pre-inspection, surveys, gas free inspections, cladding, and 2.5 and/ or 5 year tests,  etc.,  as required in ISO tank operations.

Hence, our work philosophy is   based on commitment to both clients and services. These commitments with  up-todate innovations in the specialised  liquid cargo movement  services have reflected our continued excellent performances and success since the company ‘s  inception.

Our  mission is therefore to offer  our  clients  with  a  complete and  collective range of consolidated services or a “one-stop” efficient forwarding services  “door to door” and competitive in pricing in order to achieve client’s full satisfaction

We emphasize beyond clients expectations.



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